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DaVinci Pro HD/OCR – All-in-One HD Video Magnifier with Full Page Text-to-Speech with Rolling case

DaVinci Pro is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring a Full HD Sony 1080p 3-in-1 camera and Full Page Text-to-Speech (OCR) from Enhanced Vision.

Original Price DaVinci Pro with rolling case $3,960

Now just $2,795!


Acrobat HD Mini Ultra – Portable Battery Operated Electronic Magnifier with Rolling Case

See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat HD-mini ultra. From Enhanced Vision.

Original Price Acrobat Mini with rolling case $2,595

Now just $1,995!


Amigo HD – Portable HD Desktop Magnifier On The Go

Amigo HD displays amazing crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors, at any distance, on a large 7 inch widescreen LCD. From Enhanced Vision.

Original Price Amigo HD $1,295

Now just $945!


Pebble HD – Portable HD Magnifier

Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture on a 4.3 inch screen. From Enhanced Vision.

Original Price Pebble HD $595

Now just $410!