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Triumph Technology distributes cutting-edge products for some of the best-known companies in the adaptive technology industry.


Handy Tech’s Actilino!

  • Handy Tech just debuted Actilino, their newest and smallest Braille display to have Active Tactile Control (ATC) technology. Read an entire book at your own pace as Actilino automatically scrolls to the next line. This super-compact, 16 cell note taker made it’s first appearance at CSUN in San Diego. Braille readers of all ages and abilities raved about the ease and comfort of reading on the Actilino!

HIMS BrailleSense Polaris, order yours now!

  • HIMS also unveiled it’s newest note taker, BrailleSense Polaris. This 32 cell braille display offers a new standard in blind-friendly applications with the latest in cutting edge technology.

HumanWare, solutions that empower people with vision loss.

  • HumanWare introduced the BrailleNote Touch, a 32 cell braille note taker and tablet in one. Combining the benefits of KeySoft and braille literacy of a traditional note taker with the efficiency and power of a modern tablet. Also available in 18 cell.