Active Star

BrailleStar 40

Yes its true, a new star is born among braille displays and it is called the Active Star! Those of you, who may remember the BrailleStar 40, imagine a sleeker and lighter weight 40 cell braille display with the same ergonomic concave braille cells, triple action keys and slide tray that accommodates most laptop or tablet computers. Now ad a lithium ion battery that will give you up to 40 hours battery life per charge, a magnetic qwerty keyboard that attaches firmly to the top of the unit which you can use for note taking or to control your computer or device of choice on multiple platforms, a compartment under the tray designed to hold a smart phone, stereo speakers and a 16 voice polyphonic FM synthesizer with real musical instrument sounds.


Handy Tech’s own patented Active Tactile control (ATC) technology not only makes it possible to read books from beginning to end without the need to press buttons, but also promotes music braille literacy using real instrument sounds which are triggered while reading the score that you are in the process of learning or share the song that you composed on the Active Star yourself.


Braille teachers enjoy the instructional tools that allow them to play back their students reading sessions in real time, or generate spreadsheets that demonstrate measurable progress and provide statistics with regard to reading behaviors. Active Star also comes with games that make learning braille engaging and fun.


Support for the mainstream Mass storage protocol makes it possible to fly files back and forth between the active Star and your computer. Handy Tech’s HTCom communications software makes it easy to effortlessly translate between contracted and uncontracted braille.


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