Braille Sense U2 Mini

Braille Sense U2 MINI may look a lot like its predecessor on the outside, but don’t let that fool you – it’s packed with new features and upgraded hardware on the inside.

Braille Sense U2

Braille Sense U2

The New Braille Sense U2 provides power and speed you have never before experienced in a notetaker.




Braille Sense Edge

Braille EDGE 40 is not only the most reliable, high-performance refreshable Braille display, it also helps you manage your daily activities. Create and save notes, or read books and documents with the notepad. Use the scheduler to remind you of important dates. Use the alarm to remind you of upcoming appointments, and take advantage of the built-in calculator, stopwatch and countdown timer.


Braille Sense U2 QWERTY

The New Braille Sense U2 QWERTY provides power and speed you have never before experienced in a notetaker.

Blaze EZ

A Revolutionary Pocket-sized Multi-player with Integrated Stand-alone OCR

Introducing Blaze EZ, a merging of two technologies in one portable device.

For the first time, blind and visually impaired consumers have access to a pocket-size book player integrated with OCR text-to-speech to capture and read aloud hardcopy printed documents on-demand. Blaze EZ creates a new class of digital book player. Access to Books, Music, Printed Text and More.

Blaze EZ plays audio books and music files from its internal memory or your SD card and connects through its built-in Wi-Fi to access online media, podcasts and internet radio. It supports more than 20 file formats including formats from BookShare, NLS and Learning Ally, and also plays your favorite music or podcasts. Create high-quality recordings using the internal microphone, external stereo microphone or stereo line-in. Enjoy live radio using the built-in FM Radio.

Stand-alone, One-touch OCR and Text-to-Speech

Use Blaze EZ to read printed material like brochures, magazines, restaurant menus, government or business forms, class or meeting agendas and more wherever you go. Just scan, and then listen as printed materials are read aloud, or save a scanned image for reading at your leisure. Just hold Blaze EZ above the document, then click
the OCR button. It’s that simple.