KNFB READER Enterprise Version

KNFB Reader, Enterprise Version now available!!

Triumph Technology is pleased to offer the KNFB Reader Enterprise version of this ground-breaking image capture and read application. Now it is possible to have the KNFB Reader installed on multiple devices for one low price.

Simply aim the camera at the printed page and in seconds have text read back or displayed in Braille.

Although the KNFB Reader has been available for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms for some time now, the KNFB Reader Enterprise program now makes it possible for users to have this fast and reliable OCR application installed on up to 4 devices simultaneously regardless of platform. The Windows platform is supported on the enterprise program as well.

How it works: Users are issued a license with which they manage the devices they would like to activate via an online account. Change your mind about a particular device? No problem… simply deactivate one device and activate another via the same web interface.

*please note* The KNFB Reader Enterprise application is a downloadable digital good. You agree that using the information provided to activate this product on a device constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the license, you understand that no refund will be issued under any circumstances and acknowledge the sale to be final.

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