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E-Bot, what’s hot in low vision

E-Bot, the portable reading, writing, and distance viewing magnifier with Optical character Recognition.

E-Bot can connect to your iPad or Android tablet, Mac, PC, or a stand-alone monitor. E-Bot uses a proprietary dedicated wireless network to connect to your iPad or Android tablet, thus eliminating the need for a local Wi-Fi connection.

E-Bot comes in three versions, basic, advanced and pro. Please contact Triumph Technology to discuss which one will work best for you.

Phone: 651-636-5184

Email: Info@attriumph.com

Lifestyle HD

Lifestyle HD

The LifeStyle HD is one of the first HD (high-definition) desktop video magnifiers on the market. Its HD image produces a sharp text image starting at only 2x up to 84x. It offers a wide field of view and vivid natural color display in Color mode. Both 22″ and 19″ wide-screen LCD models are available.

Candy magnifier

Candy HD 2 Handheld Magnifier

Portable video magnifiers go HD! The first 5.0″ wide-screen LCD handheld video magnifier.

CANDY-grip-open-leftIf you, a relative, friend or someone you know is struggling to read with an off-the-shelf optical magnifying glass, the Candy HD 2 can help. Candy HD 2 is ideally designed for you to read more comfortably to retain your independence whether you’re at home, in a restaurant, in the department or grocery store or anywhere.


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