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Hey it isn’t Spielberg, but the Triumph Technology YouTube Page not only contains demos of products that we sell, but also covers the use of mainstream equipment and technology from a blindness or low vision perspective.

Enhanced Vision Systems in Minnesota

Triumph Technology is proud to be the exclusive Minnesota distributor of premium magnification and OCR products from Enhanced Vision Systems. Such products include well established desktop magnifiers such as Merlin Ultra and the all new Davinci Pro with duel cameras and full page OCR.

If magnification on the go is your desire, be sure to ask about the Amigo HD and Pebble HD portable video magnifiers.

The family of Enhanced Vision’s Acrobat magnifiers offer unparalleled flexibility.

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Active Star


Yes its true, a new star is born among braille displays and
it is called the Active Star!  Those of you,
who may remember the BrailleStar 40, imagine a sleeker and lighter weight
40 cell braille display with the same ergonomic concave braille cells, triple action keys and
slide tray that accommodates most laptop or tablet computers.  Now ad a lithium ion battery that will give
you up to 40 hours battery life per charge, a magnetic qwerty keyboard that
attaches firmly to the top of the unit which you can use for note taking or to
control your computer or device of choice on multiple platforms, a compartment
under the tray designed to hold a smart phone, stereo speakers and a 16 voice
polyphonic FM synthesizer with real musical instrument sounds. 


Handy Tech’s own patented Active Tactile control (ATC)
technology not only makes it possible to read books from beginning to end
without the need to press buttons, but also promotes music braille literacy
using real instrument sounds which are triggered while reading the score that
you are in the process of learning or share the song that you composed on the
Active Star yourself. 


Braille teachers enjoy the instructional tools that allow
them to play back their students reading sessions in real time, or generate
spreadsheets that demonstrate measurable progress and provide statistics with
regard to reading behaviors.  Active Star
also comes with games that make learning braille engaging and fun.


Support for the mainstream Mass storage protocol makes it
possible to fly files back and forth between the active Star and your
computer.  Handy Tech’s HTCom
communications software makes it easy to effortlessly translate between
contracted and uncontracted braille.


To find out more or to schedule a demonstration, call:


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iRead Image Capture and Read

iRead version is now available at:

Direct iRead download

The new image page tab makes it easy to archive those important documents and email them in common image formats.

The multi camera support is the most vital enhancement of this latest iRead version. So far

The automatic turn-of-a-page-detection was previously only possible with the Syeye camera. By extending the iRead we have changed this. Now the turn-of-a-page-detection
works with other cameras offering a webcam interface,

Another feature implemented in version is the detection of duplicates. Now, even if the position of the text to be recognized was changed slightly, the program will recognize a page that was scanned before and discard the duplicate scan. This is especially helpful with scanning a book from start to finish.

  • Full page scanning means fantastic braille tracking which is especially important for people who are deaf and blind
  • Enjoy the ability to bring up a list of pages or headers and quickly move to the desired section of a document by pressing the enter key on the desired page or header.
  • Check the orientation of the last page scanned with a keystroke.
  • Quickly scan large bodies of text and process them later
  • As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Triumph Technology by calling:


    E-mail: info@attriumph.com

    Handy Tech Basic Braille, genius in simplicity!

    Available in 20, 32, 40, 48, 64 and 80 cell versions, the Handy Tech Basic Braille is perfect for people who want a fantastic quality braille display at a very affordable price. Recognizing the need to offer a competitively priced braille display without compromising the quality for which Handy Tech braille devices are known for worldwide, this little gem is genius in simplicity!

    Three buttons on either side of the braille display are used for command and control. These keys are flush to the sleek and attractive aluminum housing while still being easy to feel. Cursor routing buttons above each braille sell makes editing documents a snap. If you want a rugged, high quality braille display with a three year warranty for use on a desktop and/or laptop computer then check out Basic Braille because feeling is believing!

    ActiveBraille, the world’s first portable Braille display with Active Tactile Control (ATC) technology!

    Image of Active Braille display with reading hand

    Active Braille is the world’s first 40 character Braille display with patented ATC technology. In addition to being an ergonomically optimized Braille display, Active Braille is also a powerful note taker on which you can store hundreds of books. Reading is a real pleasure with the automatic scrolling of the Bookworm mode. Read books at your own speed from beginning to end without hardly ever having to press a button.

    German based manufacturer, Handy Tech sets new standards for Braille displays with the use of HID technology (Human Interface Device) drivers that makes it easier than ever to simply plug and Braille. Connected via USB to a computer, Active Braille is immediately ready to use.

    Active Braille also offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity for use with computers and mobile devices. The ergonomically designed Braille keyboard allows for the entry of text directly from Active Braille.

    Active Braille is ideal for reading books. With its unique ability to detect the tactile reading position, the Bookworm mode allows for the automatic scrolling of text and Active Braille is also an awesome note taking, reading and Braille instructional companion.

    The ATC Log Analyzer provides trainers and Braille teachers with the ability to monitor specific reading behaviors and provide measurable, quantitative data on their student’s progress on the lesson-by-lesson basis.

    About Triumph Technology

    Thank you for considering Triumph Technology for your blindness or low vision adaptive technology products, training and consulting needs. Triumph Technology is a Minneapolis-based company that is owned and operated by business professionals with visual impairments. In addition to our own innovative and cost-effective blindness and low vision solutions, we distribute cutting-edge products for some of the best-known companies in the adaptive technology industry. Triumph Technology also offers customized adaptive technology training and consulting services to organizations and individuals throughout the United States and Canada.